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Rise & Shine Flow

Greet the day with a 45 minute vinyasa flow followed by 15 minutes of silent meditation. Experience the effect of mindful movements and self-reflection on your thought and behavior patterns throughout the rest of your day.

Lunch Break Flow

Lunch Break Flow is an hour of well rounded Yoga, appropriate for all levels including women who are pregnant and postpartum. The familiar structure of Sun Flow will be loosely followed, with less time spent lying flat on the back and belly, with more time devoted to opening up through the solarplexus (belly) and heart chakra.  These modifications make this a great class for everyone, particularly if you are taking a break from sitting at a desk all day!  What better way to integrate some energizing movement and positive vibes into your day! 

Hot Hatha 

A heated yoga class designed to detoxify, strengthen and improve flexibility while promoting concentration and clarity of mind.  Hot Hatha is an in depth practice with detailed alignment and long holds to maximize health benefits. Sweat it out in this soul-shining class!  (All levels/experience helpful)  

Power Vinyasa

Find strength, stamina and equanimity in this dynamic vinyasa class.  Power Vinyasa harmoniously blends the traditional sequencing of vinyasa yoga with a variety of fun and challenging poses.  Set an intention and get your body and your breath moving in this faster paced flow. (Experience recommended)

Sun Flow 

Sun Flow is a well-rounded vinyasa class suitable for all levels of practitioners.  Flow through common and beneficial yoga postures that build strength, flexibility and breath awareness.  This class is alignment focused with options to modify or do variations that work best for you.  Sun Flow is perfect for students who like consistency and for those who want to prepare for a power vinyasa class.  (All levels)

Hot Vinyasa

This offering is a well-rounded vinyasa class with additional heat to encourage flexibility and detoxification.  This class moves through traditional postures in a creative sequence to build strength, flexibility and breath awareness.  Like our Sun Flow class, Hot Vinyasa is perfect for students who like consistency and for those who want to prepare for a Power Vinyasa class. (All levels)

Sun Flow & Sound Bath

Reset with 60 minutes of vinyasa flow followed by a 15 minute sound bath. Release excess energy through your flow and then settle into the cleansing effects of immersion in sound frequency. Crystal singing bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, bells, chimes, rattles and chakapas create an environment for deep relaxation and introspection.

Candlelight Lunar Flow

Unwind from your day with this grounding vinyasa flow in a beautiful candlelit setting. Lunar Flow is appropriate for all levels of practitioners looking to calm the mind, balance energy and actively prepare the body for a restful night. (All levels)

Sacred Yin Flow

Yin Yoga is a hybrid of eastern and western wisdom: it enhances organ health by impacting the meridians of the body as defined by Chinese medicine and keeps joints mobile with a safe approach to stretching and strengthening.  OmTree’s Sacred Yin Flow blends flow, long supported holds, yin and restorative postures to nourish you from the core to the surface.  All levels of yogis and yoginis can benefit from this deep practice that promotes mobility and strength in connective tissue, bones and joints.


This practice is a wonderful way to reduce physical, mental and emotional stress. In this class, props may be utilized to facilitate a longer respite in the poses and to ensure that all levels of practitioners receive the deeper benefits to the organs and nervous system.  In Restorative Yoga the pace is slow and supportive of each student’s individual needs and goals. (All levels)


Yinstorative is a hybrid of Yin and Restorative yoga. In Yinstorative class, floor postures are held passively for several minutes.  The practitioner can choose to take each posture in true yin style (stillness during the hold with less support to work the joints) or restorative (using several props to support & alleviate stress/tension with small mindful movements). Energetically, Yinstorative opens the body’s meridian system, which enhances energetic flow and supports emotional equilibrium. Yinstorative prepares both the body and the mind for deeper experiences in meditation and encourages self awareness.  This class is a perfect blend of both Yin and Restorative Yoga all in one class!

Yin Yang Flow

This class uses seasonally beneficial Hatha Yoga postures to provide balance in the body.  During the first portion of class we will promote tapas (internal heat) to enhance flexibility and aid detoxification through accessible yet challenging postures and then transition to an introspective yin inspired stretching sequence. (All levels/experience helpful)

Kundalini, Core & Restore

This unique offering builds core strength through Kundalini sequences called kriyas.  These kriyas also encourage energizing and cleansing effects in the body.  Each class has a specific theme and utilizes postures, movements, mantras and pranayama (breathing  techniques) that work with the focus. The sequence closes with restorative postures to allow the benefits of the kriyas to settle in.  (All levels)

Kundalini: Mental Clarity Series

Move energy through specific practices from Hatha yoga and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. All sequences focus on breathing techniques and prepare the body to safely handle the energy of Kundalini rising. Each class will consist of asana, pranayama, kriyas, and extended mantra and meditations to expand intuition and promote mental clarity.

Core Glow

Radiance begins with a vibrant core! The powerful sculpting techniques of Pilates interwoven with Yoga’s mindful flexibility development, create a focused practice of deep internal strength and intelligent movement. (All levels)

Vinyasa-Core Fusion

This class offers a well rounded yoga sequence with a Pilates interlude.  Flow through a series of yoga postures to build strength, flexibility and breath awareness.  Enhance the benefits of your practice with the powerful core-sculpting techniques of Pilates. (All levels)

BIPOC Healing Yoga (Developed by Subini Annamma)

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) need a space to practice yoga as a way to heal from the damages of racism and other systemic injustices, many which create serious health impacts on our bodies (e.g, weathering, depression & other mental health, hypertension, cardiovascular disease), also known as embodied inequality (Krieger, 2013). Yoga is recognized as having numerous health benefits but is often practiced in “race-evasive” ways, ones where race, racism, and intersecting injustices are ignored, in largely white spaces. In order to provide a space for BIPOC to engage in yoga that specifically addresses racism and intersectional injustice, we have created BIPOC+ Healing Yoga. This donation based class provides yoga practice that sustains a traditional commitment to yoga's roots while also building in an explicit discussion of recognition of and healing from racism and its intersecting oppressions. The + is in recognition that people of color experience intersecting oppressions (e.g., sexism, ableism, cis-heteropatriarchy) that make them even more vulnerable to societal and interpersonal inequities. BIPOC+ need healing spaces where they do not feel “othered”, where they are the norm instead of the exception. The goal of BIPOC+ Healing Yoga is to provide an opportunity for people of color to be seen and loved as they make their way through a regular yoga practice. We respectfully remind you that this class is only for those who identify as BIPOC and that if you do not identify as BIPOC, there are ## of classes at Om Tree you can take. For examples of other studios and teachers using BIPOC+ only spaces for healing from racism in society and yoga community, see: Do We Need Yoga Classes Dedicated to Women of Color? 

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