(785) 841-YOGA

Location & Parking

We are located at

1405 Massachusetts Street in Lawrence, KS.

For the most enjoyable and safe parking experience possible we recommend parking in the spaces directly in front of OmTree when available.  When the front spaces are filled, you can utilize side street parking during mid-morning and noon classes on weekdays.  PLEASE take advantage of the Central Junior High parking lots across the street! These lots are reserved for CJHS staff until 3:30pm on weekdays, so they are open to the public for our late afternoon, evening and weekend classes!  The gravel lot behind the 1400 buildings is not reserved, but parking back there quickly becomes cramped and can be annoying to maneuver.

Our friends at Footprints and Mass Street Music need the parking spaces in front of their businesses for their own customers. So please do not park in front of their storefronts.